Friday, January 9, 2009

Kind of a lot of snow here...

We've had a lot of snow here lately. Tuesday was my first day of school and it snowed all day. People on campus were falling left and right, and yours truly took a graceful fall as well. My calves still hurt from walking around on my tiptoes trying to avoid a fall. They kept shoveling and plowing but the snow just kept coming and it was perilous to even go out, let alone walk anywhere. I was 15 min. late to my first class.

Peter is trying to learn how to use the camera here, so this one is blurry. But you can see Nathaniel in the snow fort they built.

Charlie was having himself a good ol' time. Dogs love to run around in the snow--at least ours do. (This was a picture we wouldn't have been able to get with our other camera as he would have been moving too fast and it would have been totally blurry.)

Doesn't Sarah have the most fantastic color hair? I love it.
Unfortunately, she is a selfish girl and refuses to share any with her devoted mother.
Gosh, you completely put yourself out to give birth to them and kids don't even appreciate it nowadays...:)

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Amy said...

One day our kids will appreciate us,...unfortunately it won't be until they have kids! Enjoy the snow, its been about 70 degrees here in good ol' Valencia.