Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Baking

My kitchen yesterday

Took around 25 plates of good stuff to people around the ward. Friends, neighbors, Visiting and Home Teaching people, and Peter's counselors in the Sunday School Presidency. Peter had all the plates strategically ordered in the car for maximum efficiency during our deliveries.

Kids loved it and all helped out tons. John rolled every one of those Mexican Wedding Cakes in powdered sugar and peeled off all the Hershey kiss wrappers and stuck them on the cookies. Rebecca unwrapped endless sticks of butter and diligently stirred the toffee. Sarah rolled cookies, manned the timer, and fetched ingredients from the basement. Nathaniel sampled everything to make sure it was all edible (and brought along friends to sample too) and Peter guarded it all from the dog while I showered.

There is this kid who lives across the street from us, the Bishops son. So cute and so sweet. He is four I think and plays with John a lot. Every single time he comes over he tells me he is hungry. I'm always doing something and just say, "Go look and see what you want." He walks away, "Oh-tay" and then comes back to give me his order. That kid can eat like no other. I never had one of those--my kids never ate at that age. So when he saw the bake-o-rama yesterday he looked at me as I frosted sugar cookies--"What you doin'?"
Code for are you going to give me some or what?!


Bonnie said...

awww your so cute ans sweet!! When are my cookies and toffee being dropped off??

van Zwol Family said...

WOW! I am impressed! That is awesome! We gave out baked goods, but received none. I was thinking no one baked any more!