Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Traditional Monday Nite after Thanksgiving

The tree is up--watch the electric gauge whirl! The kids are already bouncing off the walls. This year we had to do some major rearranging because I simply must have the tree in front of the bay window facing the street. The piano, a table, two couches, and some really crusty fish stick remains later--waala!
A while back I was so surprised to find some bubble lights at a yard sale I was helping with. I bought them with memories of the ones we used to have as kids. They are so cool! Our tree is such a hodgepodge. I couldn't help but think as we were decorating how Martha Stewart would hang her head in shame.
John had ants in his pants wanting to get the train up last night but we were too tired--Peter put it together first thing this morning.

I love Christmas.


Sally said...

Yeah! Christmas is coming and your tree looks fanastic! Merry Christmas!!

Bonnie said...

nonsense who wants all matchy matchy Christmas lights and ornaments?? Not me! I love your lights!

Amy said...

I have to have our tree in front of our front window too, its a must. I think your tree looks beautiful, we should be getting ours today! Merry Christmas to you!