Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Every year I watch for the chocolate covered Oreos they come out with at Christmas. This year they didn't seem to have them anywhere. Then I was at Target the other day, having already looked at the holiday treat section with no luck, when I saw them up by one of the checkout stands with a big sign saying "limited time only!" Throw away the calorie counter-- I bought myself 2 boxes. White chocolate are my favorite.

On the way home we are all eating them in the car when this headache starts coming on. By the time we get home I have to lie down. It's a migraine, which I've managed to forgo for quite a while now. The nausea sets in and all I can think about is those chocolate covered cookies and what in the heck they probably put in that white stuff in the middle of Oreos and how the chocolate coating is probably made out of some weird and very long list of ingredients and swearing I will not do this to myself again.

I know I will probably never be able to eat those things again. Just thinking about them makes me feel sick now. Very sad because I loved those things and was so excited to find them. Then yesterday a little boy in my primary class brings me over a treat for Christmas and guess what? White chocolate covered Oreos!
Now tell me, what are the chances?!
Gave them to Sarah.

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