Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cornbelly's 2013 and Nat and Penny visit

Took Peter's parents to our annual Cornbelly's trip.

Was too overwhelmed with Eagle Scout stuff to take very many pictures outside the big event but did get this cute one of Penny and Will.

He could not get enough of the slides!

 Chest-deep in the corn pit.

 I actually went twice with the kids because Rebecca wanted to do the haunted corn maze with her friends for her birthday.They waited two hours in line getting progressively more and more scared:

And here they are after-- all safe and sound and vowing to never do that again. We'll see. I can tell you the last time I went into a haunted forest was on a blind date and all I did was cling to poor Ben Porter and close my eyes. We ended up being great friends at Ricks but I've never had the urge to do anything with the word "haunted" in it again.

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