Sunday, November 17, 2013

Toddler trouble

Wednesday was a busy day with Rebecca's birthday, two orthodontic appointments and a visit to the hand specialist for Sarah's piano playing tendonitis woes. I was trying to get up the sign and get the house in shape in the meantime and I had set myself to finally getting the vacuuming done before Will took his nap. That's when I came upon this:

This photo is exactly how I found him.

At first I thought it was some kind of conditioner because I had taken everything out of the kids tub to clean it that day but then I remembered I had shut the bathroom door and put everything up before setting him loose. 
So I knew it could only be one thing. Vaseline:(

It's my own fault for being a Vaseline junky. I keep it everywhere. The bathrooms, the kitchen, my desk, by my bed, on the sewing table, in the cars, my purse, the church bag, and in all my jacket pockets. My lips must have it. The one I keep by the rocker in Will's room is usually kept tucked into the chair cushions but I guess I left it out because that's the one he found.

My toddlers have gotten into the Vaseline lots of times before, just not this throughly. Here he is is after about seven or eight washes:

First I used the baby soap and a fine tooth comb. Then I moved to the Pantene. Then the Palmolive I use in the kitchen. As you can see, nothing was working. 
I had to get Sarah to her appointment and so I had to take him out looking completely disgusting and greasy. As I explained people were like, "So that's what's up with the hair, huh?"
Sarah waited with him in the car for the couple of errands I had to run but when we stopped at the grocery store just before we got home Will was done being in the car so I dug out a hat I remembered I had in the trunk and brought him in. 

As I stood in line he yanked it off and a woman next to us who had been ogling him went, "Oh, no! He's all sweaty under there!"
I reassured her he wasn't hot. It was just Vaseline.
While they were taking x-rays of Sarah I looked up "getting Vaseline out of hair" on my phone. Very popular topic it turns out. There was every suggestion--cornmeal, cornstarch, baby oil, powders, etc. but the one that really seemed to work for more people was Dawn so at the store I picked up some of this:

Washed it a couple more times with the Dawn Ultra and he was almost good as new.

Now his hair is just extra silky-shiny.

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