Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rebecca turns 13 on the November 13, 2013.

Recycled the sign from last year and hung it on the front porch. (What this really means is that I am now officially the mother of three teens. Some days I feel this more than others.)

The birthday/Christmas list. Note number 8.

I came in early and brought in donuts to her first period class and left a balloon and crown on her desk. (Can't walk into a junior high class while it is actually going or the kids will never recover.) Her friends at school had decorated her locker so I got a picture.
 Here she is in her new pajamas from Alicia.
She loves musicals and wanted Phantom for her birthday. She also got an iPod, complete with her named engraved on it and all the songs from the movie on there. She also got a small polaroid camera. She's very excited about that. I'm sure it will be getting a lot of use and I'll have to post some of her pics on here.

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

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