Thursday, November 7, 2013

Marriage counseling may be in our future-- but not as a career.

As many men can relate my dear husband does not like to talk about feelings. Or problems. But most especially people's feelings about their problems. Tonight I thought I'd put a question to him.

Me: Peter, which would you rather be? An official butt-scratcher or a marriage counselor?"
Peter: Who's butt would I be scratching?
Me: I don't know. Anyone's who needed it I guess.
Peter: Do I get paid?
Me: Yes. I'm talking about an official job.
Peter: Do I have to use my hands? Or can I use gloves or some metal object?
Me: I don't know. Too many questions.
(Time passes)
Peter: I'm leaning towards the butt-scratcher.
Me: I was thinking you were. 
Me: How about between being a marriage counselor and a wedding planner?
Peter: Are you reading something? 
Me: No! 
Peter: I guess wedding planner. I'd change my name to Franck and wear a scarf.

And this is why we have marital issues. 

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