Sunday, November 17, 2013

John's first derby

Pinewood Derby November 6, 2013

John didn't want to print out a template and insisted on drawing one on the car himself. Then Peter took it to someone in our ward who cut it out for us and John and I got to work sanding and painting. 

Gratefully John isn't the kind of kid who wastes any energy wanting to come in first--he just enjoys being involved. He came in 6th out of 19 boys and I was actually pretty proud of us since, you know, I did most of the work on the car, as usual. I think I know more about building a pinewood derby car your average mom. I had it all weighed out and ready to go-- just needed Peter put the wheels on for me as that part is too frustrating for me. My job is just to help John make the car look how he wants it to look. He was very happy with the shiny paint job.

I don't know why this is but our ward only has a budget to do one pinewood derby during the three years the boys are cubs. I do not agree with this and wish they'd at least let us raise the funds somehow. We'll see.

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