Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday Nathaniel!

 Nathaniel's friend Hank shares the same birthday with him so here here they are celebrating together.
Oh, the enthusiasm.

Here Nathaniel humors me by pretending to blow out the candles.
 What he actually did was to pinch them out individually. 

Unsure of whether this affects his birthday wishes but apparently Peter is trying to keep his son's dreams grounded:

Will's wishes were coming along nicely though. 
Here he is eating yogurt-covered raisins:

 and pudding pie.

For Nathaniel's birthday we gave him a mountain bike (to be delivered sometime in the next 5-7 business days) a sweatshirt, pajama pants, snowboarding gloves, and a Costco-size box of Oreos (because they were out of Nilla Wafers.) 

He got to take three of his friends to Burger Supreme in Provo and then everyone went to Comedy Sportz. Except me. And Will. We stayed home and went for a walk, ate dinner, and then he settled down to his yogurt raisins while I watched a rerun of Saturday Night Live while we waited for everyone to return home for dessert. 

Nathaniel was muting my show in favor of some video game on the computer and when he threw the remote down the stairs to keep it away from me I decided he needed some pie. (On his face.) There was a little throwing of food in which my Mac and computer chair were victims. Will was not impressed and started to cry. 

I think this is a good time to mention one of my all time favorite movies" The Help." 
You know, Hilly? If I didn't know any better, now I'd say you'd been eatin' entirely too much pie.

This also bring to mind the fact that I'm officially the mother of "an adult." 
I'd say that's debatable. 
Love you Nathaniel!

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Jay said...

Happy Birthday Nathaniel!

I can't believe its been 18 years!