Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014



Photos of Will courtesy of Sarah and her new camera.
She will now be our family's designated photographer:)

Couple of highlights here and here and here. And again here:)
And Peter's sweet compilation here.
We got to talk to Nathaniel in Peru for 40 min on Skype.
It went well. We miss him. (Nothing new.)

 Christmas Eve not a flake of snow. About 3am on Christmas it started coming down and by morning to a winter wonderland. That has happened to us a few times since moving to Utah and even back in Tehachapi and it is always so fun. It snowed all day. Then two days after Christmas my parents arrived to spend a couple of nights at our house before they went into the Provo MTC to get ready for their mission to the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Jay and his family came too and on Sunday we all had dinner together and opened some presents.
 This is the first time since we lived in this house that we extended the table. 
I always forget how huge this thing is! It fit everyone no problem.
Feeding Jay's family is a tricky affair because it has to be gluten, egg, and dairy free. Jay is allergic to sesame seeds so we have to make sure that isn't in the bread or anything else and any meat has to be chicken or turkey. 
(I really don't know how they do this every day.)

 (And yes, that is John trying to look like Alfalfa.)

Egads! They're so cute!!

Heading out into the blizzard here. I won't go into how many things have happened that might have deterred them from going on their mission, but that wrist brace Linda is wearing is from a fracture she sustained in a major car accident they had the day after Thanksgiving. My dad is feeling terribly sick here and they discovered he had strep and pneumonia at the MTC.

Evidently he's feeling a lot better with the antibiotics and they'll be resting it up again here this weekend before they head out for the long drive to Georgia.

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