Sunday, January 4, 2015

From Tucson to Utah

We got a whole lot of snow when they arrived. Super exciting for kids who rarely get to see it. 

Will and John look on as Jay builds a snow fort:
 Jay was digging away in the snow for hours. I was getting worried when I couldn't see his legs moving and he wasn't answering me. Fortunately he was just being Jay and was laser focused on his project. This may be the only time they come to visit this year because the Tracy family is planning to make a move this summer. Jay has had bad health (hence the mask) for some years in Tucson and now that Mel has graduated they are looking for more temperate weather.

Will did great out there in the cold. I was really surprised. 
We couldn't find his other glove so he was wearing one big one and one little one.

We had a blast sledding and building.

This is what it looks like when after six kids play in the snow. Luckily I have kept a lot of our snow suits and we had almost enough to go around.

After a long day in the snow we took a break for a couple of hours and then went to the Curiousity Museum in a bit of a snowstorm. Luckily Jay and Mel used to live in Colorado and had some experience with it. This was the only photo I took. As you can see Sariah was about done by this point.

After some sledding the next day we went made the trip to Temple Square. 
When we first arrived and got out of the car Sarah said, "Um. I don't want to do this." I could tell she was serious. She had mainly come to take some shots with her camera. It was possibly the coldest we have ever been-- 5 degrees. That is can't feel your legs/face cold. Emily kept insisting her pants were wet but we assured her it just felt that way. Unfortunately Sarah forgot gloves:( I gave her mine and Sariah shared one of her hand warmers with me which saved me-- I just had to switch it from hand t hand. We had to go in and out of buildings to keep us from freezing to death. 
(Might seem silly but I always think of the pioneers and don't know how any of them survived in these kinds of conditions. Unimaginable.)

 Here's some great pics Sarah got of the kids:

 (I'm so loving this picture)

I took off my second coat for these pictures here. Peter asked me when we left the house if I thought I'd really be warm enough and I dismissed him. As soon as we got out of the car in Salt Lake I went digging through the trunk for an old one of his I keep in there.

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