Friday, January 2, 2015

Seminary Christmas performance

There was a Christmas seminar morningside December 16th. A large part of the high school attends so it can be a very intimidating thing to do. It is a music only event with students performing various Christmas songs. This is the video of Sarah's with her friend Gray as he plays the cello. Bummer is that I had a random kid in the front row video it for me and you can't really see Sarah (although you have a great view of myself in my stellar debut as page turner--meh.) So enjoy watching Gray and listening to Sarah in the background:)

This was an especially stressful week for her. She had a final in her pre-calculas class and two exams in anatomy and chemistry. We were up late the night before doing the final revisions for her junior year research paper. Sarah had multiple times where the stress became too much and she was pretty discouraged but after lots of tears and hard work later she made it through. Whew!!

Hope you enjoy video here.

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