Saturday, January 24, 2015

Four decades old

I organized a party for myself (with the kind help of my friend Mary) because I decided I wanted to do something besides hang out with my sick husband--who incidentally, could win an Oscar for his performance as deathly ill person-- and go to school. 

So here we are at a potluck at Mary's house. Loraine Nielson's (far right) daughter (5 years old) stood on a chair and took this picture. I swear every one of us looks better in real life than in this picture:)

Aaron lives right by my school in South Jordan and after my class Aaron took me out ('cause he's awesome like that) for Indian food at place called Bombay House right by where he lives. I haven't really experienced good Indian food before. In the past every dish has been yellow slop that smells like curry. I believe the last time I tried it I was pregnant and sick with Sarah so that was also a deterrent I'm sure. This food was super good and I tried lamb for the first time (I'm so uncultured!) I about died and went to heaven on the garlic naan. Then we went to Sub Zero and I got this:

Came home late and Peter had balloons and decorations, which was kind of major since he hadn't driven in a week he was so sick.

When I was visiting with my friend Corey who has been injured and hasn't been able to drive for over a year we discussed the fact that I was turning forty and she mentioned she had been looking for someone to go get a mammogram with her (so she could have a ride) and I was now old enough to get my first. I forgot that was even the thing when you turned forty but laughed and agreed that was a pretty good idea.

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