Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our photographer

Sarah took this picture in her photography class at school. She's with her friends Gray (who played with her in the seminary moringside here) and Anna. I love this picture so much no matter how many times I see it even thinking of it makes me giggle.

Sarah really enjoys photography. She is always using my camera and doing her photo editing and has taken photography classes at school. While she's been looking into used cameras for a while she hadn't made the investment yet because she tries to be careful with her money. During Cyber Monday Week I happened upon a great deal on an awesome camera at Costco and Peter and I hemmed and hawed about it for so long we initially missed out on the deal because they ran out of stock and then at the last minute one came up because someone cancelled their order. We jumped on it.

We told her she was getting something for Christmas she had to contribute a couple hundred dollars to but if she didn't like it we would return it and she could do something else with the money. (We highly suspected when she found out what it was that she wouldn't be returning it.) 

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