Tuesday, September 2, 2008

College Crisis

So tomorrow I start school. 

"Mrs. Mitchell can you volunteer Wednesday's in Rebecca's class?"
"No, I'm in school on Wednesdays-- gonna have to be Fridays."

"Can we visit teach you on Monday morning?"
"Sorry, I'll be in school then."

I've been telling people I'm going back to school since March. But somehow I still haven't entirely prepared myself. Even when we went to get my books, I felt excited, but it was still a whole 3 days away. Three days is forever! I don't need to worry! I have all the time in the world!

Except that now it's tomorrow. My parking stickers came in the mail today. I drove all the way to Orem to look for a bag at Target to carry my books. (This bag is too bulky, this bag is too bright, this bag is too trendy...I ended up with no bag.) I have nothing to wear. I can't remember how to spell anything anymore. Pregnancy fried my brains. Mine will be the only mini-van in the parking lot with soccer treats and baby wipes. I am completely petrified.

No, seriously,  I cannot remember the last time I was so afraid. 

Peter was a very good, wonderful, supportive (stroke, stroke, nice Peter) husband and took me to get my books because I feel like the oldest person on campus. The only older people in the bookstore were parents buying books for their kids. I can never navigate around the super-sized campus. At Women's Conference I bring friends specially chosen for their navigation skills.

I am the oldest mom at the college and the youngest mom at the junior high. Peter threw in a subtle plug and said if I lost just another 10 lbs. I'd fit in better.

Maybe if I just sit in a corner in the back no one will notice me, but if anyone needs a band-aid, I'm there.

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Amy said...

You'll do awesome! No worries! I'm excited for you! You can do it!!!!!