Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I like to quilt

 It is fun to look back and remember and I need to take pictures of my quilts more often. Most were given away long ago and there are no pics. Here are some of the ones I've done this year.

John's batman quilt. My boys go through a major super-hero phase and for John it was Batman/Spiderman this year. My friend Gaye gave me the backing for this one.

I'm into pinwheels these days. This one was for a TraCee Woods--a friend in my ward whose daughter was getting baptized (thus red/white theme). Friends and family at her baptism signed inside the white sections. We made it in one night.

Just threw this one of John in because his hair was strugglin' bad and I finally got around to cutting it--handsome guy! He starts preschool today and is totally beside himself with impatience.

This was for Liza Barnes (in my ward). I made it last month for her new little premie baby. Her little girl is 2 months old and mine don't even come out as small as she is now! So for now Liza can use it because the baby can just about fit in one of the squares and might drown. 

This one was for Lorainne Neilson in my ward. She is our primary president and I just love her. She is the cutest thing and was never married until a couple of years ago (she is in her late 30's I think). Her current husband was our bishop a while back and he has several grown children. They are so cute and now have this eat-um-up-adorable-baby below who loves the minky I used on the back of her blanket. She is totally underfed as you can see:)

Shepherd and sheep quilt. The colors were to be Christmas but I made it for year round so chose my own. Note my favorite sheep, the black one.
Machine quilting this one for Sarah right now. Turning out way cute as you can see. I had the material for this for like six months and kept fretting and buying more. I was afraid to start it--never done a Buggy Barn before and instructions were confusing. But easier than I thought and I whipped the top out in two nights.

Often people ask me how I find the time. As my fellow-quilters would wonder, how can you not?


van Zwol Family said...

I didn't think many people quilted any more, but I too find the time to do it! Thank you for showing what you have done. They are impressive - great job!

RaEStoCo said...

Have you been to the quilt show at the Springville Art Museum? It's free, practically right around the corner from your house and you'd love it! Better hurry! I don't know how much longer it will be there!

April said...

yes, I want to go--hopefully they will be there this weekend--

Bonnie said...

THis is Judy Parnell talking on BOn's sight- I am making that sheep quilt too! Yours is SO Fabulous!

nkymusings said...

Hi. I stumbled across your quilts like searching for a batman and McDonald's Fry Kid pattern. I love you batman quilt--looks like the bats are kind of taking flight! Can you tell me how big each of the pinwheel blocks are?