Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My son has a blog

Ok--so this is weird.

Nathaniel has a blog now. (On top of his my space and facebook and whatever else he has that he thinks I don't know about.)

Side note on Nathaniel-- he has issues involving giant homemade swords, capes and other handmade armor. I have warned him that he is stamping "dork" on his forehead but he pays me no heed, and so far his neighborhood friends are buying into it. The other day I saw a kid ride by my window on his bike carrying a giant homemade sword.
So apparently they really are buying into it.

For now.

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Rach n Adam said...

So your blog cracks me up! You are too funny! I can relate to some of your feelings about school. I started back a year and a half ago. I'm finally a sophmore! It's interesting listening to the teenagers and their problems, when you have kids! Good luck with it all!