Thursday, May 27, 2010

6th grade graduation

Sarah graduated from 6th grade last week, which Peter calls a "celebration of mediocrity." At least that was his excuse for playing with his itouch until I would jab him and say, "Get this one!" He was supposed to be manning the video camera while I did the still pictures. He completely missed them calling her name and her baby picture up on the overhead. Very annoying.

They sang a whole lot of songs, including "There Can Be Miracles" from Prince of Egypt, which kinda got me teary! This is the girl's number from Sarah's 6th grade program. Forgot the name of the musical--something Molly--and the boys did one from "Newsies." The last song, which is always a big production was "Footloose" and had kids doing flips down the aisles and girl/boy dancing which got the audience all hooting and howling. Peter and I had to stand through the whole hour and a half program because of a major lack of chairs. Plus we didn't get there an hour in advance.

The kids were SO glad to have this thing over with!!
And I think the teachers and parents weren't too sad either.


Bonnie said...

AWWW cute!! We end elementary school here in 5th grade and they don't do anything for it, kinda a bummer. And Matt finished 8th grade this year and they don't do anything for that either. Remember our big 8th grade graduation ceremony? I guess I'm not in the mood it sit through it anyway.

Meg said...

Peter's comment is something Jason would say! That song from Prince of Egypt is a great song, I love it! 6th grade complete, wow, YAY!