Thursday, May 6, 2010


There is Sarah--waaay in the back!

Isn't this the prettiest bunch of flowers? She did great!
Most memorable part? Wherein the boy who played Diago the parrot completely readjusted himself throughout the play. I was silently pleading for him to stop. Maybe no one had the heart to go backstage and tell him. Oh--it was painful to watch!! My grandpa thought it was hilarious.
Then there is Peter who can hardly sit through the half hour performance and plays on his itouch during all the scenes Sarah is not in. Really? Is that absolutely necessary? He is visibly cringing and uncomfortable when Aladdin and Jasmine sing together.
in his life, for any amount of money would he have ever, ever played a part where he had to do that. Nathaniel doesn't look any more impressed than his dad. If I didn't laugh I would just get mad. Boys. What can you do?

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Sally said...

Hey! What about me! I didn't get an invite. It's OK, Gene wouldn't have lasted at all, so I would have had to come alone...but I would have. :)