Monday, May 3, 2010

Peter's last year of 30's

Today is Peter's 39th birthday and as I looked for a photo I found these recent ones of him and Daniel. I think Peter is smitten by his nephew considering all the pictures he takes of him. Of course, we are all smitten with Daniel!

For his birthday I got him an IPod touch and the book "60 places to hike within 60 miles of Salt Lake." We went out for Mexican at our favorite place, Diego's Taco Shop, and then we went bowling over at Fat Cats. Nathaniel killed us in both games with a 161 in the first one, though really didn't need a whole lot more ammo for his inflated teenage ego right now.

While we were bowling I was trying to be goofy and I told him I was thinking about giving him a 39 birthday spanks and he said he might fall asleep before I was done. I thought that was downright funny.

Some of my favorite things about Peter:
1) His laugh is the best--ask anyone who really knows him.
2) He is a hard worker
3) He loves his family
4) He is a cute kind of nerdy, which means he loves his IPod Touch even more:)
5) Contrary to popular belief, he can be kind of sentimental
6) He supports me in whatever I want to do

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