Sunday, May 16, 2010

My first goaround with the Bosch

Kind of sad I didn't get to use this until yesterday, but with Peter gone this week it just didn't happen. The bread came out divine and quite light, and trust me I've made a lot of bricks so I think I can judge this with some authority.

Some people have been impressed that I actually grind the wheat. It isn't because I'm Molly Homemaker (though I try to be:) and really there are three reasons.

1) I actually get to use my wheat! We have always used our food storage in one way or another because it is easy to use beans, or sugar, or flour, but wheat? I just didn't fall in love with the smorgasbord of wheat delights we were able to sample at this Relief Society function I went to one time. Wheat cereal in my crockpot? Wheat chili? Wheat meat? Are you serious?
But bread is something we can all love and I'm kinda hard on my kids about eating whole wheat. Of course I didn't know about the difference between red and white hard wheat until I moved here, which would have been nice to know--I never would have bought so much red. I've also starting buying it in buckets instead of canning it and that has worked lots better too. I've almost gone through a whole bucket and this makes me more proud of myself than it probably should.
2) Grinding it fresh makes better bread I think. But grind it right before you use it.
3) It is SO much easier than I thought it would be. Sincerely and truly. I have a Whisper mill and love it. Works great and cleans up very easily.

Of course in here in Mormonland I have lots of neighbors who actually grind their wheat and make their own bread all the time, and have for years, which is probably what gave me the confidence to finally use my wheat grinder for the first time. I guess I thought it would be complicated and awkward to set up and take down. It's not. I promise.

The batch I made gave me 4 loaves, which is currently all I have pans for. Guess I should get more. Everyone has been devouring them and they are almost gone already. Even Mr. John picky man has been eating it all day. Very positive sign. Except that is all he will eat today.
And yesterday.
I'm wondering how this is going to affect the system...hmm.

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Meg said...

Sweet success! I love homemade bread! I need a wheat grinder, I'm just not a true mormon till I have one. lol