Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nature's wonders

Snakes in my kitchen sink
(or as the kids said, daddy snake, momma snake, and baby snake)

A couple of our favorite warm weather pastimes? Catching things like bugs, snakes, and lizards. And rocks--looking for cool rocks.
I let Rebecca take two snakes in a jar for show and tell. I got a call from her later that morning asking me to pick them up because after the teacher let her share them she wanted them to go. I'll call that "show and go." Hee hee.

We let them free later that day because I have no desire to keep a stinky snake for a pet but at least one those snakes will have an adventure story to tell his friends--like how John smuggled it into the car in his barrel of monkeys and so it got to go for a car ride around town and then after we put John to bed he took it back out of the jar and tried to drive it around in the dollhouse car and it crawled down into the car and we couldn't get it out and so Peter put it outside on the porch to crawl out in the night and then John cried himself to sleep.

Yesterday we took John to Bicentennial Park in Provo with our new water nets and caught minnows for over an hour. He could have been there all day--never has an interest in the playground there because of the pond. Most of the minnows died before we got home and then the rest of them were thoroughly examined by John and his friend Courtney. And had they lived, would have some stories to tell too.

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Meg said...

Ah, another reason not to become a school teacher! haha