Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Day after Mother's Day gift

Peter came home yesterday with this box.
Turns out he drove around for 3 hours on Saturday looking for it. Apparently he didn't understand that you couldn't just go into Target and buy one. Then by the time he found the Bosch distributor in Orem they were closed. Poor Peter! He's the man.

So here it is in all its glory. Oh the baking that I will be doing with this sweet thing. Peter said he was a little worried about getting me a domestic gift and I was like are you kidding? I'm way past that one. I'd have been thrilled out of my mind if he got me a vacuum cleaner. Not a mop though. No. Or a broom or some sort of cleaning agent.

He learned a lesson when we were engaged (for NINE months) and apart for a good part of that while he worked in CA and I was going to school in Idaho. I had my birthday and Peter sent me a cookbook. Remember in "Father of the Bride" when he gives her a blender? Picture that.
I love it when Steve Martin goes with the fiance to the bar and thinks he is going to be rid of him once and for all but ends up reassuring him instead. Then he goes in to talk to his daughter Annie suggests that her fiance he had no alternative motive. "He just thought you might like to blend something."

Peter asked me if now I will sell my Kitchen Aid. I said no, I didn't think so. Great for smaller stuff. But inferior. My friends and I have talked about how our husbands don't really grasp the difference between blender capacities/power/etc and why that is such a big deal to us, but I think it is probably just the same men and guns. I don't get why if Peter has a rifle he needs another one and then he explains to me how this one is different than that one.
I just look at him blankly and say, "Whatever. Fine by me."
Bonus points for Peter! Now I just need to find a moment to try it out because so far it has just been sitting there all lonely.


Cristin said...

Lucky you! My husband got me a Bosch when we first got married and I was mad because it wasn't a trendy red Kitchen Aid... I was so stupid. The Bosch is FAR superior. You are gonna love that thing.

Meg said...

Ooh happy mothers day to you! Bosch is the best - I'm jealous!