Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Happy Mothers Day

This was a very nice Mother's Day for me. It was very relaxing and my family gave me presents:)

I came down this morning and Sarah had made this for the fridge. Very cute I thought.
Then Nathaniel played with the letters to spell things like "Bob is Mom."

Sarah gave me another window piece and told me how they planted them at school but they all looked dead because they didn't have any sunlight or water and she brought it home resurrected it.

We had the most fun with this card. When I opened it the Hallelujah chorus belts out really loud. John couldn't get over it and Peter kept coming up with new reasons to open it like, "Sarah is graduating from the 6th grade!" (open card) "Here's what we'll be doing on the first day we drop John off for kindergarten!" (open card) or "Look! Nathaniel took out the trash!" (open card.) Very entertaining. I got a puzzle of Leonardo DaVinci's "Last Supper" which is 2000 pieces. Oh dear.

Peter gave me this. Due to my woeful computer skills you'll have to read it sideways.

The point is that there is a gift coming for me in the mail tomorrow. Nobody was talking. I asked Nathaniel to give me a hint on the store they bought it from and he said it had doors. Have I already mentioned Nathaniel is like his dad and his mouth is like a vault? He will never divulge a secret. It's like they don't have the desire--I don't get it.
I'll update when I find out.

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