Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crying again

I've never entirely understood parents that were overly protective of their kids. I certainly didn't live a childhood sheltered by a mother who felt overly protective.
I grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood until the age of 12. We were the only whites on the block and people didn't take very well to us. One day I got into my first hair pulling fistfight with a girl named Gina Pina (bummer of a name, I know.) I came into the house crying, which was exceedingly rare as I wasn't a crier. For some irrational reason I was expecting my mom to have an outpouring of concern for me. Instead she yelled and told me it served me right for staying out past whatever time I was supposed to be home. I never went to her for empathy again.
As I've cried through many a situation lately with Rebecca I've decided maybe mom was just saving herself a lot of grief.

A few weeks a ago Rebecca had a sub in primary that pushed her to read a scripture after Rebecca refused to do it. I don't know if it was reading in front of her friends or if she just couldn't read it, but I ended up taking home a devastated child home early from church.
"I was the only one who couldn't do it," she cried.
I signed up Rebecca and Sarah for a pricey sewing class this summer. Today when the girls came home Sarah expressed concern over some of the things the teacher said to Rebecca, such as that compared to her teacher, who is much older, she has a very bad memory. She even went as far as to ask her if she remembered anything from school as she would be surprised if she did.
I took Rebecca in for an evaluation at a learning center today where I will be shelling out $45 for 50 min. sessions with certified teachers specializing in helping kids with learning disabilities learn to read. After I write this I am supposed to be on the phone with BYU for a comprehensive evaluation of Rebecca's memory, attention span, etc.
If the new principal at our elementary doesn't give me the teacher I want for Rebecca I'm pulling her out. I've thought about a charter, or even part time school and part time home schooling. She spends too much damn time there anyway. At this point there is no negotiation. It is just my way or no way. I reserve the right to do that in this circumstance.

I've haven't been able to reach the sewing teacher. Sarah asked me not to yell. I wasn't planning to. I just need her to be aware that my daughter's low self image doesn't need any encouraging.

When I asked her if she felt her teacher had been rude to her she said, "Kind of."
For Rebecca, that means yes, but I don't want to talk about it because it makes me feel bad.
Sometimes I just want to keep her away from all adults. Kids are programmed to believe they know everything.
If only that were true, huh?


Cristin said...

I'd ask for my money back from those sewing classes. I'm so sorry. You have a right to be mad.

I wonder if Gina Pina will google her name and find this. That would be funny.

Sally said...

I'm backing you all the way April Mama! I think you are totally right! I love that cute little girl and would love to have her visit me for any reason!!

van Zwol Family said...

We LOVE the National Association for Child Development because it empowers the parents ( They are expensive. However, they developed "Simply Smarter" (simply and it is supposed to help you learn faster, learn more, and remember! I do flashcard versions with Emilia (5 minutes 3 times a day) and she has improved. Just a thought. Good luck!

Jay and Mel said...

As hard as it may be, you go girl. Don't be afraid of what you believe is best for your kids, even if others just don't get it. Like Sally said, I love Rebecca. I wish we could spend more time with her - once a year is not enough.