Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Summerness

John: "I'm afraid of rocks. Wait, no I'm not because if I was then I would be afraid of Rockman."

Nathaniel: "Mom! Look! It's 9:13! Exactly one hour since I said, 'Mom! It's 8:13!'"

John: "Don't bug me mom, I have a lot of inventing to do."

I walked in one night about 11:00 to find Nathaniel, Sarah, and her friend Marynda kill themselves watching "The Burbs" on the computer.
This was the night we went to Burger King and waited forever in the drive throu until someone came out to tell us they had accidentally made our order 3x, and then gave it to the car ahead of us. Could we pull into the parking lot for 10 minutes while they started over?

Nathaniel fell from a building the other day and was compressed:)

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