Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dangers of educational books

Today we came home from the store and before I even brought the groceries in John brought me the phone. It was a dispatcher calling to let me know someone had called 911 from our house a moment before.

Turns out Peter read John a book about 911 a couple of days ago and then had a discussion about not calling it unless there is an emergency. John swears it was pure accident, though of course he doesn't know how to call people anyway and so I can only imagine what he was doing.

The dispatcher was very nice and said not to frighten him about calling 911 in the event that he really needed to. I get the feeling this happens a lot. Then she verified my name, address, phone number, and birth date (which was wrong-- kind of a strange thing to have on file I thought. Maybe in an emergency it will be helpful to know I was born in 75 and not in 73?).

I have to admit I'm kind of glad John has learned about 911. It reminds me of stories I've heard about heroic toddlers calling 911 because their dad is having a heart attack or something. You never know--might come in handy.
Or not.

Animals enjoying the drowsy days of summer.

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