Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spiritual Development

I made Nathaniel go walking with me tonight because it was dark and I am super cautious about going jogging by myself because of all the freaks out there waiting to attack women.

While we were out I was asking him about how his reading is coming along because all the young men and young women in our stake have been challenged to read the Book of Mormon by September. He informed me that his strategy is to read a whole bunch every once in a while so he doesn't have to read for a couple of weeks at a time. I told him that developing spiritually takes time, like watering a plant. You can't just water a plant for a long time one day and then leave it for two weeks.

Nathaniel said his plan is like the glass bulbs you fill with water and then stick in your plants and then don't have to refill for a long time.

So much for my spiritual analogy.

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Meg said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA....smart kid.