Thursday, June 3, 2010


We have poured the patio. My brother Jay's family got to be there for the occasion and it was very entertaining for their kids. The night before I came home to see the holes dug for the pergola and kind of panicked it was so big! The patio is already quite a bit larger than I had expected, 20'x20' and the pergola was almost the same size. Our contractor came over-- from across the street where he lives:)-- and was very kind and dug new holes in the dark so the pergola wouldn't be as large. It will be 16'x20'. I was very relieved.

Other than picking carpet or paint we have never made a decision in a design of something having to do with a home improvement, so this is completely new territory for us. We had been putting off getting bids but finally did it. It was pretty painless.

Ground prepared, rock added.

Cement mixer arrives, creating a crowd of neighborhood children spectators.
Very grateful it didn't crack the driveway.

Brackets in place for pergola

We make our mark.

Top color


Now just don't walk on it!!

Later the next day Sonny came to power wash the cement to create a distressed look and now we are just waiting for it to be sealed.

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RaEStoCo said...

I'll have to get the info from you about who did it and how much they charge. We are in need of some colored stamped concrete too.