Monday, June 7, 2010

Miscellaneous John

Alfalfa and ice cream!

John has been my pickiest eater.
Here is a typical example of what he will eat for dinner.
Cheese toast, tortilla with cheese, big pile of grated cheese.
Am I seeing a pattern here?
Things John will eat:
Gorden's brand fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, pistachios, Cheetos & Doritos (when he can get me to buy them for him) Cheese-Its, french fries, baked potatoes and chips & salsa --only the bottled kind-- and bagels with cream cheese.
And of course any type of sugar substance.

Came downstairs and found this sculpture John had made. I had just gone to Costco so here we have a basket, box of pull-ups, Electrosol tablets, gardening book, dvd, scrub pads, another dvd, and an empty carton of lemonade. Now if only he could find a space for his beloved Cheese-its!
Recently they had some off delivery at our grocery store and were selling them for $1 a box. I bought our year's supply.

John worships his daddy and he absolutely loves being with him.
Last night I was wondering why Peter was taking so long to read a book to John when I came upon this scene. They are lying in John's bed playing with the itouch.
And again with the Cheese-Its...

The night before Peter had been on a campout with Nathaniel and John was so disobedient all day by the time he finally went to bed I had long before entered mean mom phase and I refused to read him a book. John was not pleased. and yelled from his room, "If Dad was here he would read me a book!"
Then of course I felt guilt.

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